Wir sind da für Dich! Nous sommes là pour vous! Siamo qui per voi! 

sich anvertrauen, sich aussprechen, sich erleichtern, ins Vertrauen ziehen, mit der Sprache herausrücken, sich mitteilen, sich öffnen, sein Herz ausschütten/ erleichtern, verlautbaren, verlauten lassen, sich von der Seele reden;

Get rid of what's on your mind! 

The spread of the infectious disease COVID-19 is taking its toll on us all. Society has changed drastically in recent weeks. Public life has come to a virtual standstill. We can no longer easily hold our loved ones in our arms and are urged to keep our distance and keep our' social life to a minimum in favour of vulnerable persons and to relieve the health care system.

These times are not easy to get through. 

Medical staff are particularly affected by these circumstances. Even before the outbreak of the pandemic, working conditions were not easy. Now the medical staff is additionally challenged on the one hand by their own risk of infection and on the other hand by limited personnel resources. An improvement of the circumstances is not in sight in the short to medium term.

We are convinced that we can strengthen ourselves by supporting health care personnel in solidarity and overcome these difficult times together. Loswerde.ch offers the medical staff the opportunity to share their problems and concerns, anonymously or not, and to exchange information through the use of volunteer psychologists and psychology students.

"finally be able to express something that is close to your heart"
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